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Turn Twenty Four

Task Force Dagger Operations HQ,
Regent Airstrip, Regent,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Lyran Commonwealth,
1600 Hours, March 31st

Hauptmann Falconridge stood outside the command tent, his gaze firmly upon a pair of Ferret VTOLs ferrying in squads from today's manoeuvres. His fatigues were sodden with perspiration after more than ten hours in the cockpit of the Packrat, but there would be no shower until he was certain that the last of his rolex replica sale men had returned safely. Then of course, Hank reminded himself, these weren't exactly his men. The majority of the troops under his command had been subcontracted from House units and Planetary Guard militia. Never-the-less, the Hauptmann felt honour-bound to watch over his charges, the duty upon him as commanding officer of the task force. The Duke had been good to his word, the men of his 12th Lyran Guards were excellent soldiers, and they reportedly had the pick of the crop. Furthermore, Kommandant Simonov had been nothing short of incredible, is connections having provided all manner of valuable information and data, and never once having shown anything but complete military professionalism in his role as XO to a man he chanel replica technically out-ranked.

A regiment of forces had been drawn together under the banner of 'Task Force Dagger', a mixture of infantry, tanks and helicopters. Regent Airstrip had been rapidly expanded to become a fully-fledged military compound, and field base for the upcoming operation. There had been other arrivals too. Here at their own expense, but determined to apply for positions within the newly forming mercenary unit, Hank's old comrades from the 10th Skye Rangers. Also, a pair of new recruits and their battlemechs had moved into the Castle, Mechwarriors Dietrich Regis cartier replica and Liam Shuvelle fresh from the Coventry Academy. Although green, the pair seemed to have a natural flair for 'mech conning. Their scores against the recruitment scenarios had certainly been exemplary.

The contract called for a quick extraction raid, but no one doubted the complexities of carrying out such a mission against a planet defended by no less than two full regiments of 'mechs. Hank was left with a considerably truncated schedule to prepare these men to pull off what would need to be a precisely timed operation. The manoeuvres they had been carrying out were essentially a means of trialling tactics, against a dummy target zone complete with a mock-up of the stockade on Vega. In the evenings, Simonov had assisted with the assessment of the day’s operations, as well as the establishment of a table of organisation and equipment for the task force. However, the presence of new, uncommitted troops within Regent had piqued the Hauptmann's interest in possible alternatives, both organisational and operational.

Game Master Note:

Well, it has most certainly been a long time coming, but why don't we see if we can get this whole thing back underway again?

My intention breitling replica will be to roll foward the game a bit faster than might have been occuring before, and get us into the build-up and execution of Operation Dagger. There will be no restrictions placed upon any catch-up activities you want to work into the skipped time. To this end, the game date has moved to March 31st and the following events will need to be considered:


March 21st - Container order to be delivered to Vandergaard Port Warehouses.

The container order in question is, as follows:

18 X 20 Ton Containers @ 20,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 360,000 CBills)

8 X 20 Ton Tanker Containers @ 21,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 168,000 CBills)

4 X 40 Ton Reefer Containers @ 45,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 180,000 CBills)

4 X 40 Ton Tanker Containers @ 42,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 168,000 CBills)

2 X 40 Ton Containers @ 40,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 80,000 CBills)

Total Purchase Cost: 1,356,000 CBills (inc Shipping)

According to your balance sheet, this has all been payed for and would no doubt have been on-shipped to Regent by now. This means you can start considering their exact use, although I imagine you already would have had something clearly in mind (I can remember some of the details, but good chance for you to review).


March 23rd - Hank Falconridge to attend Kampfgruppe Armouries' Head Offices and Test Ranges/Assembly Lines.

Hank's visit to Kampfgruppe Armouries presented an excellent opportunity.

They wish to offer the donation of:

12 Armoured Personnel Carriers (4 Wheeled, 4 Tracked, 4 Hover)
4 Heavy Armoured Signals Wagons (2 Wheeled, 1 Tracked, 1 Hover)
Small Arms and Infantry Equipment sufficient for 4 Platoons

They are interested in analysing the performance of these units, and aside from feedback being required there are no additional strings attached.


March 24th - Hank Falconridge to return to Regent, Michelle Evans to depart for Vandergaard to search for Tractor units.

I expect this was going hand-in hand with the container purchases. If you want to nominate what sort of trucks you were after we can set up the purchase conditions.


March 27th - Units late of 10th Skye Rangers to arrive in Vandergaard

March 28th - Units late of 10th Skye Rangers to relocate to Regent

These are the men of the 1066th Special Operations Battalion, Hank's former command. TO&Es for these guys, as well as the current status of Task Force Dagger have been added to relevant section of the website. At this stage, the Task Force table doesnt' include any of the 1066th, or the equipment on offer from Kampfgruppe Armouries. It does, however, include the two new mechwarriors. How the table evolves from here is completely up to you. Feel free to add or subtract units as you see fit. As the contract covers all transport expenses you will receive transport elements sufficient for whatever size force you decide on.

Tables of Organisation & Equipment


April 1st - Operation Dagger Contract begins. Mechwarriors Dietrich Regis and Liam Shuvelle arrive in Vandergaard, relocate to Regent.

These are the two characters we have had running recruitment scenarios for quite some time now, and should be assumed to have measured up well and given employment. If you would like, I can put the results from the tests on the website, or package them and email through. You may not see it as necessary but up to you. Dietrich Regis owns a PHX-1 Phoenix Hawk that still features it's Tru-Trak targeting system. Here's the text on it's abilities:

"There is an 8+ chance on a 2d6 that this mech still has its advanced Tru-Traks computer which gives the Phoenix Hawk a -1 bonus to hit at long range. The multi-channel Tek Battlecom communication system gives the mech a 30-km communication range and any unit controlled by this ‘Mech a +1 bonus to the initiative roll. The mech can also be outfitted with jamming and ECM gear. Treat these systems like a Beagle Probe and Guardian ECM with a 2 hex range, but they can be overridden by their more advanced cousins."

This could make the Phoenix Hawk a good command vehicle, any time you look to split the unit up into smaller elements. Liam Shuvelle has a COM-2D Commando, which is the stock-standard type. There are no special rules modifiers for the Commando.


Nothing really to add further at this point, just wanted to provide a new foundation for resurrecting this campaign. I have updated a good bit of the website, to bring everything up to date. Let me know if you spot any anomalies, though. From here we can start trialling different organisational setups for the Task Force, you can carry out a practice scenario if you wish, more if you would like but I don't imagine we should go overboard. Then we can get the actual mission playing out and have some good online battletech action. Really though, it's a good time for the both of you to start posting all the questions and ideas that you have, I will circulate and see if we can get a good discussion going. There is a fair bit of catch up on where we're currently sitting, though a good browse around the website should solve that. Stephen and I haven't gotten in to what the RPG game storyline is all about in too much detail, with most of our focus being on the game rules, and the dos/don'ts of battletech. This hardly precludes him from getting involved in the planning stage, his ideas could be considered to have originated from any of the characters or NPCs in game. Final decision, of course, rests with the unit commander, which in this case is Hank Falconridge.

Hope to hear from you both soon,




Turn Twenty Three

Lobby, The Grande Hotel,
Vandergaard Commercial Sector,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Lyran Commonwealth,
2000 Hours, March 18th

The revolving glass door whirred into motion, eventually admitting Hank Falconridge to the interior of The Grande Hotel. The lobby was almost deserted at this hour, with the majority of its guests likely out enjoying all that Vandergaard had to offer. Hank had avoided any kind of action, preferring to eat alone at a welcoming establishment situated almost opposite the hotel. A moment's respite in what had been a very busy week of interviews and appointments. He had allowed himself the meal in reward for what he believed was the completion of his crew hiring expedition to the capital. Tomorrow he would return to the small office he had hired in the commercial sector and go over the files once more, double-checking his confidence in the final selection. There had been no shortage of applicants, the advertising campaign arranged by the Baron having caused something of a minor cult following with people eager to sign on with a unit being equipped to take the offensive to the snakes. A high proportion of planetary guard had been present among the potentials, meaning Hank had been able to ensure that those selected possessed at least a fair amount of experience. Aware that a blend of talents formed the best units, he had sought fit to include a number of greener soldiers who showed a lot of potential.

They would serve the Baron well, of that much he was certain. Loyalty was an aspect a lot of commanders could easily overlook but, having operated as part of a Pirate-Hunting outfit in the far-flung periphery, Hank knew that being able to depend on the men and women around you was of the utmost importance. All of the selected applicants had a spotless record as far as this area was concerned. It felt good to be back in the position of utmost responsibility. With Hans and Nathan now several days departed from the Phalan system, Falconridge was acting CO of the fledgling Panthers. He knew by the time Hans returned he would be more than ready to relinquish the position, times ahead would be very demanding. Just four days ago the first units for Task Force Dagger had grounded at the Regent airstrip, elements of the 256th Engineer Battalion along with four Packrat LRPVs from the 18th Armoured. These men had shown themselves highly capable, converting the meager airstrip into a base of operations capable of handling the necessary air traffic for the operation. A communique received yesterday had confirmed the completion of temporary base facilities, including hangars enough to accommodate many tens of rotary-winged aircraft. Now they would begin to ready the airfield for the purpose of operating the task force's aerospace assets.

The surveyor from Hawthorn had also completed his analysis and was now in Crystal Lakes preparing the final report. It was understood that the survey had generated quite favourable results, it was now a question of awaiting the report and then weighing up the cost against the projected benefits.

Hank made his way to the elevator and selected level 5, upon which his suite was located. Such plush accommodation was something he was unfamiliar with, the room accounted for by the Baron's prestigious position within the planet's hierarchy. It had served him as little more than a place to lay his head at the end of each day. He had even left all of his gear in the office a few blocks downtown. As the elevator beeped in signal of its arrival at the designated level, he stepped through the opening doors and across the hallway. A swipe of a keycard and Hank made his way directly to the shower. One final day of paperwork and he would be free to explore other ventures. Then, on the 23rd he would take the Maglev to Fort Richmond and visit Kampfgruppe Armouries. In just two weeks, the contract for the rescue mission would officially commence, there was much to be done.

Game Master Note:

With the near completion of the hiring process Hank will have several days that you may want to utilise before he returns to Regent.

The following areas of the site have been updated:

- Edited Maintenance rule on Campaign Rules page
- Events Log updated
- Balance Sheet updated
- Full Personnel Roster updated with wages
- Bio uploaded for Dietrich Regis
- Turn Log updated

Turn Twenty Two

Lyran Spacelines Union-class Dropship 'Navigatori'
Outbound to Nadir Jump Point,
Phalan System, Ryde Theatre,
Lyran Commonwealth,
0500 Hours, March 13th

The piercing tone of the personal chronometer reverberated off the walls of the small passenger cabin. Of the room's two occupants, only one arose from slumber and quickly silenced the alarm. He next turned his attention to the safety harness that held him securely to the bed. Although the dropship was holding steady at 1G of acceleration, on the first half of its four day journey to the nadir jump point, Hans Regis knew better than to throw caution to the wind. Few ground-pounders had a taste for space travel and Regis was no exception. Placing his future in the hands of a civilian dropship crew was not among his favoured pastimes, but it was the most suitable way of making passage to Galatea. When the dropship made its mid-flight rotation, and subsequent deceleration burn, all passengers would be required to adjust their room's sparse furnishings to the opposite orientation. Although the timing of these events was meticulously pre-planned and available to all passengers, Hans would always keep the Zero-G harness whilst asleep. Without it, any sudden change in trajectory could be dangerous, even fatal. As he shrugged off the effects of sleep he wondered how spacers ever got used to the complexities of space travel.

Hans Regis looked over at his subordinate and companion for the journey, Nathan Greerson. The Senior Technician for the Phalan Panthers had slept right through the alarm, his hearing having degenerated significantly on account of his regular proximity to heavy industrial machinery. This was not really an issue to Hans as Greerson's abilities more than made up for it. Still, perhaps some kind of aural augmentation would be possible, if Nathan's system could support the cybernetics. Kommandant Regis decided to let the man sleep, he had no real need for the Senior Tech until they made planet-fall at any rate.

Beside the now dormant chronometer lay his datapad. A small icon winked at the lower-left corner of the screen notifying the owner that he had messages that required his attention. Hans quickly dressed, scooped up the datapad and then exited the cabin with the intention of reviewing the reports in the ship's canteen. At the given hour, the canteen was deserted. Hans selected a coffee bulb and inserted it into the receptacle of the expresso machine. While the machine whirred and gurgled he raised the datapad and began to peruse the reports. Confirmations had arrived from Leutnant Evans and Hauptmann Falconridge, the two had now traded locations with Evans back at the Castle Regis and Falconridge commencing the hiring process for vehicle crewman in Phalan's capitol.

With a 'ping' the coffee bulb re-emerged from the expresso machine, a cheerful slogan appearing on the machine's display. Hans took the bulb and relocated to a table near the canteen viewport. The second communiqué was also from Leutnant Evans, the Hawthorn surveyor would begin operations today. Regis and Greerson had tentatively nominated a site for construction before their departure, but it remained to be seen what the surveyor's report would conclude. Attached to the message was a file which Hans now opened. It was the proposal for MilTown, a military training range which Regis had envisioned as a neutral facility for military units on Phalan. It took the next thirty minutes to read the proposal, it was thorough, but Leutnant Evans had outdone herself. He understood that the logistics of organizing the actual facility would be much more difficult, but the proposal itself was clear, concise and stood a good chance of meeting approval under the eyes of Duke Ulysses Dagger.

Hans detached the file and associated it with a new message he had composed to the Duke. As the message uploaded to the dropship's outbound communications queue, Hans sat back and took another sip of the coffee. The taste was bitter, the dropship's unique odour from centuries of service having invaded the expresso machine as well. Hans found comfort in the fact that he had the rest of the outbound flight to relax. With the first units of Task Force Dagger, Hauptmann Falconridge's adhoc combat group, arriving in Regent in a days time he was confident that his XO had everything in order.

Gamemaster Note:

This turn is intended as a catch-up on where the game is currently at, especially for Stephen’s interest although his character is not really involved in the game just yet. There’s no real action required at this point unless you can think of anything. Once we finalize the roster I’ll process the turn that will include all the wage payments. If you take a moment to review the past couple of turns, see if you can see anything we’ve forgotten or need to action…. I’ll need to add the containers purchased last turn to the shipments log on the website.

Expenditures this turn:

Suborbital transit from Vandergaard to Regent: 400 CBills
Suborbital transit from Regent to Vandergaard: 300 CBills

Turn Twenty One

Echo Transit Station,
Vandergaard Commercial Sector,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth
1450 Hours, March 12th

No small crowd had already gathered at the platform for the three o'clock shuttle and, as of yet, 1st Leutnant Michelle Evans had waited patiently alone with one eye on the time and the other studying each newcomer for her appointment. She had arrived early, as was typical of her usual behaviour, and killed some time studying the latest newsfeeds on a ComStar Terminal. As her nervousness grew regarding the lateness of Hawthorn's Surveyor she realized nothing she read was going in and had promptly returned to merely standing. Missing this flight would mean likely also missing the connecting sub-orbital transit shuttle to Regent. Michelle took a few moments to quickly review her pending outbound communiques to the Baron-Kommandant, letting their importance feed the urge for calmer nerves. Confident with their completeness, she forwarded them to the Castle via remote electronic relay so that the Commtechs on duty could beam it to the outbound dropship.
With little more than ten minutes to spare a man suddenly called "Leutnant Evans!" from her left. Quickly checking her frustration in favour of presenting a professional image for the Panthers, Michelle turned and extended her hand. What she found herself facing was the midriff of a huge, well-built man with plentiful yet neatly cared for facial hair. Craning her neck backwards to look him in the eye, Michelle felt her hand enveloped by the man's powerful grip.
"Leutnant Evans, it is a pleasure to make your aquaintance. I am, of course, one Steven Seletto of Hawthorn Construction's Crystal Lakes Division. I am tasked with your impending survey and must confess that in addition to my enthusiasm in forming a business relationship with your most honourable selves, I am more than certainly anxious to lay eyes once more upon that fine engineering achievement that is Castle Regis. I have only seen it once with my own eyes in a fly-by, yet have studied it's legacy much during my time with Hawthorn. We uphold it's nature as an example of the utmost proficiency in conception and design." Michelle fought hard her urge to laugh, for she found the man's mannerisms and speech unusual. Yet she did think him somewhat handsome and figured he no doubt fancied himself a dashing figure. "Please, just Michelle will suffice. This shall be a business relationship but I think we have no need for such formalities? Perhaps if you can supply us with a competitive quote I could arrange a closer look at that gem of engineering you were mentioning."
Michelle realized she had struck gold when the man's face split into an eager grin, for all his bravado this one would be easy...

Gamemaster Note:

A number of communiques have arrived during your first 9 hours of flight, most recently Leutnant Evans' updates. Earlier in the day, Hank had forwarded some additional data regarding Kampfgruppe Armouries. It seemed their main test ranges and assembly lines are based near Fort Richmond, while Head Office is situated in the capital. In addition to the Armoured Signals Wagons, they also produce APC variants of the same chassis in all three configurations, but only on request. Armoured Patrol Cars, Small Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Weapons Carriers, and a Small Arms division round out their capabilities. The latter also including a range of infantry armour and field equipment. He has responded to the invitation and scheduled an appointment for March 23rd. By this time he should have completed the hiring of armour crewman, and the initial engineer and infantry units destined for Regent will have departed. He has a one day window where a trip to Fort Richmond could be made, but he does not see how Leutnant Evans could make the appointment as it would be best to leave someone to oversee operations at the Castle. On March 24th he returns to Regent and will be busy marshalling the contracted forces ready for the contract commencement on April 1st.

Michelles updates indicated some initial projections for modification costs for the containers, but with her schedule she will endeavour to finalize these once she is back at the Castle. These will be forwarded to you before the jump out. She has met with Kommandant Simonov and advised that cargo space could be made available via the containers. In this event the contract would see you reimbursed the shipping costs already incurred. She asks if she should reserve any space amongst the containers in case of need?

Turn Twenty

Vandergaard Starport,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Lyran Commonwealth,
0600 Hours, March 12th

    With all the preparations complete, an eerie stillness dominated the launch pad. Most recently the large fuel-lines and data-link cables had been retrieved by the ground crews and stowed in safety. Hank Falconridge stood alone in an observation lounge located at a precautionary distance from the launch area, watching the first red rays of sunlight creep over the horizon. The dropship seemed so peaceful, after what had seemed an eternity of scurrying starport employees and pre-flight drive checks. The frequent sharp hissing reports of attitude-thruster checks had ceased shortly after the crews had retreated back to their stations. Hank found himself preoccupied with the rest of his days schedule, which involved a brief sub-orbital flight to Vandergaard in the mid-afternoon, but he had wanted to be here until his new comrades-in-arms were safely headed skyward. So much of what lay ahead for Hank depended on the two men now aboard the dropship, and their goals once they made planet-fall. A slight smile invaded his solemn features as he remembered how much of what lay ahead rested upon his own two shoulders. Hank had no intentions of letting his commanding officer down. The rescue mission would have to succeed.

A multi-tonal warning klaxon rang out across the starport's vastness, fixing Hank's immediate attention upon the waiting ship. The red sun had slipped a little higher in the sky, but the dropship blocked his line of sight. As the main thrusters ignited and the dropship accelerated in a seemingly slow and akward manner, Hank watched the trail of fire left behind in its wake. The afterburn stood like a huge pillar of conflagration, or perhaps a burning blade... backdropped by the now visible red sphere of the sun, he was instantly reminded of the Federated Suns Sword on Sunburst crest. Never one for omens, Hank couldn't help feel a moment of pride as though the pieces of his tattered life and career were slipping back into their right and proper place.

Gamemaster Note:

Leutnant Evans confirms purchase of the following items, as per your directions:

18 X 20 Ton Containers @ 20,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 360,000 CBills)

8 X 20 Ton Tanker Containers @ 21,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 168,000 CBills)

4 X 40 Ton Reefer Containers @ 45,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 180,000 CBills)

4 X 40 Ton Tanker Containers @ 42,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 168,000 CBills)

2 X 40 Ton Containers @ 40,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 80,000 CBills)

Total Purchase Cost: 1,356,000 CBills (inc Shipping)

She advises that 10 Ton containers of the dimensions you specified cost 10,000 CBills for the basic container, but asks if you could confirm the exact number needed in the order. She has noted your request to investigate any necessary equipment for modifying these final smaller containers and will endeavour to do so before she heads back to Regent this afternoon with the surveyor from Hawthorn Construction. She will also contact Kommandant Simonov in order to seek a conclusion to the supplie question. She advises that the two of you can remain in delayed contact until such time as the jumpship departs for its leg to Galatea. She asks you to trust in her abilities to watch over Hank's logistical matters in your absence. The last segment of her update indicates that she is nearing completion of the MilTown proposal and should be able to forward a copy electronically to you before the jump.

In response to your request for information, Kampfgruppe Armouries have extended an invitation to two of your staff to attend their test ranges at Fort Richmond. You may accept the invitation at any time. Also included is an additional letter from the CEO himself extending his warmest greetings and hope for a mutually-profitable business relationship. You are instantly suspicious of the overly keen presumptions of the man, yet the equipment and vehicles listed in the brochures appear to be of such a quality of design that he may indeed be speaking truthfully. He also advises that you may meet with his engineering division heads during the visit to discuss your idea for an airmobile command and control unit.


Turn Nineteen

Vandergaard Starport,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Lyran Commonwealth,
0530 Hours, March 12th

    A low-pitched rumbling again rolled across the starport tarmac, the dropship captain scheduled to transport Hans and Nathan off-planet busily running final pre-flight checks on his drives. At the foot of the giant spacefaring vessel a small group had gathered, obviously involved in last minute details and well-wishes. Baron Regis could not help but feel this was a momentous occasion for the fledgling Panthers, their destination was Galatea, the Mercenary's Star; their objective was the official registration of the unit itself, as well as a bit of shopping around for some hardware and potential employees. Those left behind felt no shame at their lack of inclusion in the venture, they would have more than enough to do in their commander's absence as Hauptmann Falconridge prepared for the impending rescue operation.

Gamemaster Note:

1st. Leutnant Evans will coordinate with Hauptmann Falconridge to determine an opportunity for her to return and search for the tractor unit you require. The date has currently been scheduled for March 24th.
She is asking for final sign off on the container order which currently stands as follows:

22 X 20 Ton Containers @ 20,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 440,000 CBills)
8 X 20 Ton Tanker Containers @ 21,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 168,000 CBills)
4 X 40 Ton Reefer Containers @ 45,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 180,000 CBills)
4 X 40 Ton Tanker Containers @ 42,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 168,000 CBills)
2 X 40 Ton Containers @ 40,000 CBills ea. (Subtotal: 80,000 CBills)

Current Total stands @ 1,036,000 CBills
Shipping Total stands @ 440,000 CBills

The containers will be used to ship any initial logistical supplies required by units of Task Force Dagger, Kommandant Simonov has therefore decreed that the shipping costs now faller under clause V of the standing contract and will be covered by the Employer. Any additional logistical supply required by the Task Force will/can be organized by his own support staff at your discretion.

Hauptmann Falconridge has proposed the formation of a command group within the projected Panthers TO&E. He requests the assignment of a Ferret Scout VTOL, along with the purchase of a Heavy Armoured Signals Wagon (Hover), and a Hover APC. He would also suggest that his own Packrat LRPV be assigned to complete the group and provide reconnaissance capability. The unit would also have the capability to transport its own integral security platoon which he suggests could be allocated. He feels that aside from the benefits he would gain in commanding a battlegroup the size of Task Force Dagger, the combat role of a Saladin Hovertank dictates that gaining initiative in battle is paramount, validating the command group's usefulness for the future.

Kommandant Simonov has asked that you sign the contract (which has been updated to include hire costs for Hydra Attack VTOLs) prior to your departure. The missing sections regarding transport will be completed at a later date and countersigned by Hauptmann Falconridge.

Turn Eighteen

Suite 755, The Grande Hotel, Vandergaard Commercial Sector
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Lyran Commonwealth,
1540 Hours, March 11th

Gamemaster Note:

Here is the equipment you have requested thus far and its availability/status:

13 Laser Rifle Platoons
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(1st Battalion, 478th Infantry Regiment, with 1st Company, 3rd Battalion, 478th attached)

6 Anti-'Mech Platoons
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(3rd Company, 3rd Battalion, 478th; 3rd Company, 3rd Battalion, 479th)

3 Engineer Platoons
12 Tracked APCs
4 Tracked Heavy Bridgelayers
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard, Have orders to relocate to Regent immediately
(Command Platoon & 1st Company, 256th Engineer Battalion)

32 Ferret Light Scout VTOLs
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(Various Units)

4 Packrat LRPVs
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(3rd Company, 3rd Battalion, 18th Armoured Regiment)

4 Skulker Wheeled Scout Tanks
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(3rd Company, 3rd Battalion, 18th Armoured Regiment)

16 Vedette Medium Tanks
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(Best crews from 18th Armoured Regiment)

4 Striker Light Tanks
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(Best crews from 135th Light Armoured Battalion)

4 Hunter Light Support Tanks
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(222nd Artillery Company)

4 Manticore Heavy Tanks
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(135th Light Armoured Battalion)

2 Von Luckner Heavy Tanks
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(Best crews from 18th Armoured Regiment)

2 LRM Carriers
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(Best crews from Command & 1st Company, 99th Artillery Battalion)

2 Warrior H-7 Attack Helicopters
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(135th Light Armoured Battalion)

2 LCF-R15 Lucifers
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(Best pilots from 371st Tactical Aerospace Company)

STG-A4 Stinger LAM
Currently Stationed in Vandergaard
(Kommandant Yury Simonov)

Additionally you have requested 12 Wheeled, and 32 Tracked APCs. We are unable to access any tracked vehicles of this type but could supply 48 Wheeled APCs with little difficulty. The only Tracked APCs we have access to are part of the 256th Engineer Battalion and have already been allocated to you. The cost for Hydra VTOLs will be calculated as soon as possible and an amended contract sent to you... 16 could easily be supplied, however.

Leutnant Evans has reviewed the costs for purchasing thirty 20 ton containers and seven 40 ton containers. The pricing is as follows:

20 Ton Containers - 20,000 CBills ea.
40 Ton Containers - 40,000 CBills ea.
(note these prices are based on the internal structure costs for vehicles, rather than mechs which I believe our initial calculations must have used)

The total price for the containers you require will be 880,000 CBills. Some very basic modifications could be carried out in Vandergaard, but only in terms of refrigeration units etc. Most complex functions will have to be modified once we have the facility in Regent. Shipping costs for the 6000km journey to Crystal Lakes will be 500 CBills per ton, or 440,000 CBills with all containers fully loaded. It will be more cost effective to ship these containers with supplies as the cost itself will not differ (save any insurance that may be needed on the contents?). Leutnant Evans is awaiting your further instruction.

Turn Seventeen

Suite 755, The Grande Hotel, Vandergaard Commercial Sector
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Lyran Commonwealth
1525 Hours, March 11th

    The data monitor's harsh brilliance was beginning to play on Hans' eyes. Turning to look out the room's main window, he rubbed gently at his aching sockets. The past few hours had been spent corresponding electronically with those involved in the rescue operation. Although Hans was better than most with computers, he still felt some reluctance at discussing sensitive matters in this way. Despite this, Leutnant Evans had assured him time and time again that the level of encryption possessed by the messages was far too complex to be thwarted.
    Hans used the brief departure from the glary screen to review some thoughts. His initial equipment request had seemed reasonable, but with the growing animosity between Duke Dagger and his two wayward off-spring it had proved impossible to meet.

Gamemaster Note:

You have passed on your assurances for Operation Dagger's success on to Duke Ulysses. Leutnant Evans has been fully briefed and prepared to operate as Hauptmann Falconridge's aide. She has asked whether you wish to contact Hauptmann Schneider via priority HPG. Initial communications suggested that the remnants of Hank's former command would be making planet-fall in the final days of this month. Anything less than a priority HPG would mean that Schneider's response may not arrive before the man himself. Hank is confident that whatever personnel and equipment arrive, they will all be more than willing to take up a part of this contract. Leutnant Evans awaits your direction on this matter.

Here is a response from Kommandant Simonov to your initial TO&E projection:

Baron Regis,
    I have carefully reviewed your initial TO&E projection and have been running comparisons with the militia units we have available here on Phalan.
Here is a breakdown of your requests, and that which we can source locally:

Unit Requested:

14 Laser Rifle Platoons
A full battalion from the 478th would provide thirteen platoons. Unit experience would be roughly Veteran, with some Elite and Regular units thrown into the mix. The fourteenth platoon in this battalion is actually an APC lance attached to the command platoon. This could be substituted to meet your quota.

4 Anti-'Mech Platoons
These men can be sourced from the 478th Infantry Regiment's 3rd Battalion.. again experience would be roughly Veteran.

4 Engineer Platoons
Kommandant Chester Pondine has volunteered his Command Platoon and 1st Company. These are the only engineering units we have access to within the militia. This would provide one Elite, one Veteran, and one Regular Engineer Platoons, along with a lance of Heavy Bridge-Laying Tanks.

64 Ferret Light Scout VTOLs
Here we seem to have a problem... of the militia units we can recruit from, only thirty eight Ferrets could be sourced, and this would mean commandeering every last one. Ulysses advises that this is acceptable, and also suggests that he could possibly source a further four from Baron Vitelli if you should wish. The pilots of varying experience levels but would, as a whole, average Regular experience.

8 Packrat LRPVs
Although sufficient vehicles are present on Phalan to meet this quota, we can only provide six units. The others are being with-held by the young Baron and Baroness. Four of these LRPVs are commanded by Veteran crews, the other two.. Regular and Green.

4 Skulker Wheeled Scout Tanks
These can be sourced from the 18th Armoured's recon group, which has already been accounted for in terms of that unit's Packrats and Ferrets. the crews are Veteran, 2 Regular, and Green.

4 Vedette Medium Tanks
Due to the abundance of these tanks within the 18th Armoured, we will be able to provide 4 Elite tank crews.

4 Striker Light Tanks
These can come from the 135th Light Armoured Battalion, 2 Elite, 2 Veteran crews.

4 Hunter Light Support Tanks
We could take these from either the 135th, or the 222nd Artillery Company.. 1 Elite, 2 Veteran, 1 Regular.

8 Manticore Heavy Tanks
There are only 4 of these tanks available to us, 1 Veteran, 2 Regular, 1 Green. Again, the Duke thinks he could make up your quota by requesting units from Baron Vitelli.

2 Von Luckner Heavy Tanks
Two Elite crews from the 18th Armoured Regiment have volunteered.

2 LRM Carriers
These would have to be sourced from the 99th Artillery Battalion's Command Lance, this would give us 1 Elite and 1 Veteran crew.

16 Warrior H-7 Attack VTOLs
Another problem, there are only two Warriors assigned to the 1st Dragoons, the remainder of the attack VTOLs we have are the Hydra model (we have plenty of Hydras). These two Warriors would come from the 135th Light Armoured Battalion and are Veteran and Regular in experience.

16 LCF-R15 Lucifers
There are only six Lucifers on Phalan, in fact, there are only six Aerospace Fighters on Phalan. Their crews are a mix of all experience levels. Although I may have stressed the importance of aerospace support in my initial brief, we believe a full air company of six fighters should be sufficient. You will have to subcontract externally if you require more.

Please keep me advised on any adjustments you need to make... perhaps if you would like to select a core TO&E from the above then we can always expand on it at a later date. You may use any of your own support elements as you see fit. As the contract states, you will be fully reimbursed. I also await your decision regarding the Battlemech you wish me to bring along on this adventure. You have the choice of my own STG-A4 Stinger LAM, or the Duke's TBT-5S Trebuchet.


   Kommandant Yury Simonov

Turn Sixteen

Suite 755, The Grande Hotel, Vandergaard Commercial Sector
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Lyran Commonwealth
1400 Hours, March 11th

    Michelle knocked at the door to Hans' room enthusiastically, clutching the slim, unmarked folder as though it were made of gold. As the door swung inward,
Michelle snapped a quick salute to her commanding officer and stepped inside the room.
    "Good afternoon, Sir. I have just received the contract detailing the rescue mission proposed by Duke Ulysses."
    Hans promptly returned the salute and accepted the documents. "Thank you, Leutnant.. you are dismissed". Returning to his chair, Hans heard the door click closed behind him.

Gamemaster Note:

Here it is, the official turn sixteen. I hope to have answered all of your queries in this version but feel free to come back on any of it in the usual manner. Some of your queries pertained to the need for a map of Vega and the target site in particular. A full map of the Vegan planetscape is available to you via planetary records (Draconis Combine). A map for the specific target site will be included as part of the brief included in this version of turn 16. I'll also put together a map of Nasew but it will only indicate the locations of things of interest... such as the compound, any military bases/stongpoints etc. Contained within the folder are the following details:

FROM: Kommandant Yury Simonov
TO: Baron Hans von Regis
CC: Hauptmann Hank Falconridge
SUBJECT: Operation Dagger


            Let me begin by outlining that these documents are meant as an intelligence brief only and any strategic and/or tactical recommendations found within are the author's own. Actual mission planning will be left to the discretion of the Phalan Panthers Command Staff. This brief is intended to describe the situation on Vega at present so that the best decisions may be made regarding the approach to achieving the mission objectives.


Jerome Dagger is being held at a military stockade in the city of Nasew. Due to it's somewhat isolated location this will provide us with some advantages:

This is the area of Nasew which contains the Military Base (marked in yellow). The red line entering the map from the north is the MagLev line.

Below is a rough map of the compound's layout:

The stockade itself is enclosed within electrified wire fencing of four metres in height. The compound is roughly square and there is only one 'official' entrance/exit point, being the main gate. Nine guard towers are positioned at intervals along the perimeter fence and provide firing points for support machine guns and small arms. Within the compound there are seven individual buildings of which we are concerned with only two (excepting the barracks which is just inside the gate and on the left). These have been marked in yellow. The two buildings are known to contain the holding cells and will be the most likely location of our objective. Our operatives have managed to locate floor plans for these buildings, which are, in fact, exact mirror images of each other:

The entrance to each building is at the top of a small stairway. This is due to raised, heavy concrete foundations. Room 1 is a reception/administration office. Room 2 is a ready-room for the building's guard contingent. Room 3 is a small armoury & stores area. The remainder of the building is taken up by the holding cells themselves. The capacity of the entire stockade is somewhere in the region of two hundred POWs. Although this is small by Lyran standards one must keep in mind the general attitude of the DCMS toward prisoners of war. The fact that Jerome has been held this long indicates that his captors believe him to possess information of certain importance. Learning what this information may be should be considered a secondary objective.


The Merchant class JumpShip Caesar's Wreath has been employed for transport to the Baxter system. This will limit the taskforce to a size of two DropShips. As the contract reads, however, any forces that the Unit wishes to use will be provided transport as necessary. This vessel will be arriving at Phalan's Nadir JumpPoint on April 18th and will remain on station until needed. Once at the Baxter system, all forces will transfer to the LCAF Naval vessel Graf Spee, an Invader class JumpShip. This vessel will be already charged and ready to jump to a pirate point  4 hours out from Vega as soon as the jump window allows. This pirate point is close enough to Vega's moon that the chance of detection will be minimized. The Graf Spee will remain on station until the mission is completed and any remaining ground forces return via DropShip. Time will be of the essence as the JumpShip will have to depart should it be discovered. The Graf Spee has been acquired via contacts of Duke Dagger and features Fusion-Lithium batteries, vital to our mission profile. All units will be provided transport back to Phalan aboard the Graf Spee.


The forces to be used on the mission are yet to be decided. This will be the decision of the Phalan Panthers Command Staff. However, it is a strong recommendation that a reasonable aerospace contingent be included in any chosen force. A well-trained and easily deployable infantry force will be necessary for the assault of the stockade compound itself.


Vega is currently defended by no less than two full BattleMech regiments and one division of conventional forces. Due to the precise nature of our mission we expect to avoid the majority of the 'Mech forces on planet. However, should we be forced to engage, it will be of some consolation to know that these 2 regiments are no more than 2 years old and considered to be the most undisciplined and unreliable MechWarriors from the entire Draconis Combine. In addition the units receive next to no supplies and as a result will have very limited tactical flexibility. Forces within Nasew itself are in the region of one battalion of conventional armour and one regiment of foot infantry. Of these forces, one company of infantry is assigned to the defense of the military stockade.


Although the exact mission planning is yet to be completed, the Duke would like to summarise the following points:

The Duke formally requests that should his son be killed during the rescue, all attempts be made to recover his body and return it to Phalan.

Turn Fifteen

Suite 755, The Grande Hotel,
Vandergaard Commercial Sector,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Lyran Commonwealth,
0600 Hours, March 11th

    Although it was still dark outside the slightly open window of Hans' hotel room, the beginnings of another bustling day in Vandergaard's commercial sector were already audible. In fact, it quite often seemed that the activity at street level would never cease, regardless of hour. Thankfully his cluttered schedule had meant that sleep came fast and easily, the little of it that could be managed. That very same schedule demanded Hans' consciousness at this hour, and although it was not early in any sense of the word for a military man, Hans did like to rest up as much as possible before any impending space travel.
    Already empty coffee cup on the table before him, and datapad in hand, Hans began to review the events and communiques from both the preceding day, and those expected for the one ahead.

Gamemaster Note:

1st Leutnant Evans has forwarded several purchase confirmations and receipts for the following hardware:

12 Heavy Trucks @ 340,000 CBills ea:
4,080,000 CBills total

16 Heavy Flatbed Trailers @ 67,500 CBills ea:
1,080,000 CBills total

4 Cargo Hoists @ 220,000 CBills ea:
880,000 CBills total

Total Cost: 6,040,000 CBills

These units are now available for pickup in Vandergaard, Michelle suggests using TransPhalan Enterprises (the same company who can supply crates) to ship them over to Crystal Lakes, where they will be able to make their own way down to Regent. If you approve of this she'll start looking into costs and dates for this. Unfortunately there aren't any airborne assets (short of dropships, an overly expensive option) on Phalan that could transport that amount of cargo.

She would also like to remind you that your Duke expects closure on the garrison contract by the end of today

Quikscell on Pandora has sent a response to your query regarding LRM and SRM Carriers..
They currently have a limited supply available for purchase of both types, but availability will have to be confirmed once your exact numerical requirements are established.
Their current pricing is as follows:
LRM Carrier: 1,895,000 CBills ea.
SRM Carrier: 1,950,000 CBills ea.

You have received a communique from your father's cousin, Colonel Edward Regis:

My dearest Hans,

    Since I last spoke to you, upon the death of your father, I have put much thought the ideas you laid out to me regarding formation of a mercenary unit. I understand your dissatisfaction with certain elements of the LCAF command, I have been lucky enough to meet with none other than Archon Katrina Steiner herself, and even she shares similar views. I only hope that we can reach a solution sooner rather than later. There are many enemies to the Commonwealth, both internal and external, and we must stand ready to defend our realm. I am beginning to realise that the move you have made will, in fact, offer you a much greater tactical flexibility than you could have found in the LCAF and I find it an admirable decision. The road ahead will be hard, but know that I shall always endeavour to lend you any assistance that is within my power.
    Unfortunately this letter must contain both bad news and good, I shall dispense with the ill first. I know you were not close, but your father's younger brother, Marriot, has been killed in combat against the Kurita dogs. We understand that he sacrificed himself so that those of his command could escape. His actions bring honour to the house of Regis. Marriot's son, Dietrich, will inherit his father's Phoenix Hawk. The boy has just graduated in fact, from the Coventry Academy. I would ask you to understand that the young lad looks up to you a great deal. He has asked me to forward his formal request for a place within your ranks. How you would respond to this is up to you, of course. Make no mistake, he is indeed a talented Mechwarrior....
    My best wishes for your enterprise, please keep in touch...

    Col. Edward Regis

Here is the forwarded message from Dietrich Regis:


    I write to you at a time of great emotional upheaval, you have no doubt learned of my father's death in combat from your Uncle. As such I must ask that you forgive me if my words may sound overly sentimental, I cling to the news that my father's death was steeped in honour. A battered Phoenix Hawk, that I for some reason fear to claim as my own, is all that remains. Now that I am graduated, there is one thing I feel holding me back. As I sit here and consider the recent events of our family I am struck by the mistreatment we have received at the hands of our own countrymen. Your own recent troubles on the Draconis border a perfect example of this. I therefore wish to officially apply for your Phalan Panthers. Furthermore, a fellow cadet and close friend of mine, one Liam Shuvelle, would also ask you to consider an application on his behalf. I know we have no real combat experience, but we have both graduated in the upper 3rd percentile here at Coventry. Liam has even been awarded a brand new Commando, right off the Coventry Metal Works production lines, in honour of his achievement (his line was dispossessed). I await your response eagerly.....

Dietrich Regis

Turn Fourteen

Sales Department, Thorpe Aeronautics,
Vandergaard Commercial Sector,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
1405 Hours, March 10th

    The boxy little craft certainly has its merits, perhaps Greerson could improve on the design in order to better its cargo capacity. Michelle Evans had spent the greater part of the day commuting about Phalan's capital in search of auxiliary and support units needed by the Panthers. Her final stop had been out of the necessity for a transport aircraft of similar profile to that of the renowned Planetlifter design. Nothing of the sort could be found on Phalan, however, yet a possibility did exist.
    Phalan's sole producer of aircraft in any shape and form was Thorpe Aeronautics and even then they only manufactured a single design. Primarily a passenger craft, Evans did know that some had been put to military service with the 101st Jump Infantry Regiment stationed in Crystal Lakes although in an unmodified form.
If the price was right perhaps the Baron would be interested in acquiring some, otherwise she would have to begin looking off-planet for a substitute. Grabbing a fistful of brochures to add to the folder-full she had accumulated thus far, Michelle stepped back out onto the street and hailed a cab back to the hotel.

Gamemaster Note:

Michelle has found pricing information for the following units... I will use your designs for forklits and add a blurb indicating that the amphibious equipment allows the vehicle to operate in 60 inches of saltwater. All of these units are available on Phalan.

Light Cargo Trucks:
Tractor Unit: 30,000 CBills
Trailer Unit: 15,000 CBills

Medium Cargo Trucks:
Tractor Unit: 100,000 CBills
Trailer Unit: 30,000 CBills

Heavy Cargo Trucks:
Tractor Unit: 340,000 CBills
Trailer Unit: 67,500 CBills

Thorpe AirBus:
Unit Price: 100,000 CBills

Cargo Hoist:
Unit Price: 220,000 CBills

Should you wish her to pursue further equipment either on Phalan or offworld please advise. All suppliers should be able to make immediate delivery on any desired purchases.
Technical schematics for the designs can all be found in the Technical Readouts section of the website.

Turn Thirteen

Head Office, Hawthorn Construction,
Vandergaard Industrial Sector,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
1140 Hours, March 10th, 3013

    "Depending on the availabilty of your surveyor, it may be possible for them to return to Regent with Michelle Evans - the commanders aide - within the week. However, if that does not suit you we can arrange for her to meet them in Regent at a better time.  In addition, Michelle would be better able to explain the direction, and action, Regent will be taking in the near future." Nathan ventured.
     Kurt studied something seemingly interesting on his clipboard before replying, "this I can arrange, our surveyor will accompany your Michelle Evans to Regent on the twelth in two days time." Kurt then extended his hand to Nathan in conclusion of the meeting.

Gamemaster Note:

This appointment will be added to the events log, will endeavour to send out turn fourteen tomorrow which will cover Michelle's search for auxiliary units.

Turn Twelve

Head Office, Hawthorn Construction,
Vandergaard Industrial Sector,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
1135 Hours, March 10th, 3013

Kurt paused to consider Nathan's proposals...
     "You, of course, must understand that I am not in the position to advise regarding your second suggestion but it becomes immediately apparent that we need to organize for a site visit to draw up a quote. I can advise, however that your requirements are well within our capabilities. We can review the feasibility of establishing offices in Regent at the same time. Of course it is unlikely there would be any other local contactors apart from yourselves at this stage so unless you could estimate any future projects it would be unlikely Head Office would see the need. Our construction teams would bring all the temporary housing that they need whilst working on the job anyway. May I suggest that we book in to send an on-site inspector one week from now?"

Gamemaster Note:

I of course realize that Nathan would not be in attendance for this but Kurt is not privy to such information. Regardless his presence would hardly be required, he gets the impression that Hawthorn are a top-notch firm and this kind of job is seemingly run-of-the-mill.

Turn Eleven

Palace Dagger,
Vandergaard Royal Sector,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
1110 Hours, March 10th, 3013

Hans leaned forward to place his elbows on his knees, "Does this essentially mean the services of Hank Falconridge will be paid for with a lump sum, and any forces used will be 'hired' from you?" he enquired.
    "In a sense. If you wish to designate Hauptmann Falconridge to this task that is, of course, your decision. I will have the contract prepared by tomorrow which will indicate the costs that various units will have against the lump sum. The majority of the planetary militias are unfortunately very green. The 1st Dragoons are the best we have to offer, however," the Duke replied.
    Hans' brow creased as he ventured the inevitable question, "can you give me an indication what kind of lump sum we're talking about here?"
    "I'm prepared to make an initial offer of one and a half million CBills. Before you see the contract I will have you know it covers 3 months which will be the operational window that you'll have to train and execute the mission."
    "Transport compensation?" Hans ventured further...
    "The contract will cover all transport to and from the target zone. Depending on what you can source for yourself you could expect to recover up to around three hundred thousand CBills."
    Hans took a moment to consider the information. His initial suspicion was that the payrate was very generous. If speculation, and intelligence, was correct and a company could pull off the job then he stood to make a tidy profit. He would, of course, have to consider the subcontracting rates that were on offer for the 1st Dragoons and run a comparisson with those he could expect of Hank's former crowd.

Gamemaster Note:

Yes, you can expect Hank's comrades to arrive in Regent on the 28th of March. They were headed to Phalan under the impression that if you didn't have an offer for them they would have to look elsewhere. As you have already advised them to make planetfall and await your return they will be doing just that. It's unlikely that they would pass over the offer to use your facilities at any rate.

Michelle Evans will be advised to draw up the MilTown proposal. Based on her current job queue, she should have the document ready by the 13th.

I will be adding a new section to the site today:
An Events log to be located within the Unit Files section.... basically this will include all the dates I have just mentioned, and many more on top of that.

Turn Ten

Head Office, Hawthorn Construction,
Vandergaard Industrial Sector,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
1130 Hours, March 10th, 3013

The repeatedly harsh grinding noises slowly receded as the turbolift carried its two occupants away from the machine room and up to the more peacefully situated conference rooms at Hawthorn Construction. Staff Sergeant Major Nathan Greerson, Senior Technician for the Panthers, briefly inclined his head in thanks to the lift operator as he stepped out onto the main concourse. Employees garbed in a variety of garishly coloured uniforms hurried to-and-fro, seemingly oblivious to Greerson's presence despite the olive drab jumpsuit that betrayed him as unique amongst the crowds. The vastness of the concourse was certainly impressive and just as he began to wonder why he had been left to his own devices in such a place an approaching uniform caught his attention. It's wearer, a diminutive man with hawkish features and thick-rimmed spectacles, smiled warmly at Nathan and offered his hand in greeting.
    "Good afternoon, Sergeant Major, my name is Harold Kurt. I trust you enjoyed the tour of our facilities?"
    Nathan had just spent the better part of an hour reviewing all that Hawthorn had to offer and the initial prospects were very promising indeed. There certainly wasn't another construction company on Phalan that had the heavy equipment that would be necessary for the planned venture, but that wasn't the only reason that made them right for the job. Hawthorn Construction had quite the reputable history and had been the driving force behind a great number of major projects in both Vandergaard and other areas of Phalan. Not wishing to raise the representative's ego any, Nathan merely grunted his affirmation.
    "We have a sister facility situated in Crystal Lakes which I believe will be more than capable of handling the project you have outlined. If you would care to follow me there is a room waiting where we can hammer out an initial understanding of each other's requirements."
    Kurt led the pair to a second turbolift in the east wing of the concourse and, after ushering the Sergeant Major inside, depressed a button marked with a stylized number seven. Only a few moments passed before the doors flew open to reveal a hallway populated by occasional pot-plants and rows of numbered doors. Kurt moved quickly to open one of the doors and the pair passed inside.

Gamemaster Note:

I will now attach an excerpt from turn 5 that should help you in recalling your earlier intentions. These were Greerson's initial estimations so you can really propose or ask any questions of Mr. Kurt that you feel necessary at this time...

"Nathan estimates that a maintenance facility able to maintain 24 combat vehicles and refit 2 at a time, keeping in mind the facility would be expanded at a future date would be roughly 8,000,000 C-Bills. For a further million the facilities within Castle Regis could be modified for solely refitting work yet could still function as a maintenance bay if necessary. He would also like to express that these are only rough estimates and feels that the final cost of production is likely to be less than expected."

No more turns will be sent out until I have your responses on 9 & 10. Don't want to throw too much at you at once.

Turn Nine

Palace Dagger,
Vandergaard Royal Sector,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
1105 Hours, March 10th, 3013

Ulysses stretched back in his chair in contemplation. "The concept for Miltown is certainly an inviting one, although I might expect that the current political situation would cause some real problems in getting everyone to come to the playing field, so-to-speak. Get a proposal and basic outline for the project drawn up and we'll see what can be done about it. I feel that we may be best to wait until some stability returns to Phalan, however."
    Hans nodded briefly as the Duke, once again, shifted papers around on his desk.
    "Twenty five percent is perfectly acceptable, assuming there are no other difficulties this contract should now be ready for your signature. Once you return it to me we can get the payments initiated. I will begin preparing a contract for the rescue mission. I can offer a lump sum for the contract which will decrease with the number of forces you wish to use. Any militia units in Vandergaard will be at your disposal. If you can source your own forces through sub-contracting or otherwise before the mission must be launched then the lump sum will be yours in its entirety. In order to help you make your decision I will include all the intelligence data we have on the situation at this time although initial speculations would indicate that a force no smaller than one company will most likely be required."
    As Hans listened to the Duke's words his thoughts turned to the inbound personnel late of the 10th Skye Rangers. 'Maybe there is an opportunity here, I must have Hank's thoughts on the matter.'
   The Duke continued, "I'll have the documents in your possession prior to your departure and a copy forwarded to your aide-de-camp?"

Gamemaster Note:

Ok, updated contract has been attached. Next turn will be going out regardless of a response for this one ASAP. This is due to the fact that when you personnel are split to different tasks they will be dealt with in separate turns from now on.

Turn Eight

Palace Dagger,
Vandergaard Royal Sector,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
1100 Hours, March 10th, 3013

Hans Regis stepped forward and extended his right hand to shake that of Duke Ulysses Dagger of Phalan. The two men briefly tested each other's grips before the Duke gestured for Baron Regis to be seated. The Duke's office lacked any of the plush furnishings Regis might have expected in preference of simple military efficiency. Good, thought Hans... this appears to be a man whom I can respect.
    "Good morning Baron", the Duke began. "I must begin by expressing my deepest sympathies for your father's passing. He was a bastion of loyalty in these dark times and I am proud to have called him a friend."
    Regis nodded solemnly at the Duke's words.
    "I would also like to let you in on the fact that I have been following your career with much interest. I want you to know that you have my full support for the future. Financially I can continue to manifest this support with 25% reimbursement on equipment purchases for your Phalan Protectors. The Panthers, however, must remain your own responsibility if they are to adhere to the regulations concerning mercenary units. This, of course, does not prevent me from entertaining you with contracts in the future." The Duke paused briefly to slide a clipboard towards Hans. "Here is a basic contract for the Protectors. Aside from the Infantry stationed at Castle Regis I know you don't possess any hardware as of yet, but I also know that you have some on the way. This contract states quite simply that my holdings are willing to offer a base rate for any forces you wish to maintain in the defence of Phalan. There are several clauses which must be included mainly pertaining to the requirements of your forces in the face of planetary assault so I suggest that you review these before accepting."
    Hans quickly noted to himself that he would be wise to consult Leutnant Evans before signing off on this one. After letting his eyes skip briefly over the text he raised his eyes once more to meet those of the Duke's. "I will endeavour to respond to this contract offer as soon as possible, my Duke."
    Duke Dagger frowned, "Please my boy, it took me years to drum that kind of nonsense out of your father. Don't make me suffer all over again. In public these things are necessary but when we are alone like this you may call me Ulysses."
    Hans felt the beginnings of a smile creep onto his face, "Ulysses then....."
    "That's more like it... now, I have another item of the upmost importance to discuss with you and then I'd like you to give me the run-down on this 'Miltown' idea of yours that I've been hearing about. As you of course know my son and daughter maintain their own fiefdoms upon Phalan. My daughter, Julia, at Crystal Lakes to the north of your own holdings and my son, Antony, at Fort Richmond in the east. What you may not know, as many others do not, is that I have another son, Jerome, who is the eldest of the three. Many years ago he left the fold after many heated arguments with myself. I fear I pressed duties too firmly upon the boy and the seemingly romantic life of a Mechwarrior drew him away from us and into attendance at the Nagelring on Tharkad. Any normal father would have been bursting with pride and deep inside I was, but Jerome could not accept that his first and most important responsibilities were those of being my heir and he severed all communications. I do not wish to bore you with my personal details, Herr Regis, but it is vital to understand how these events bring me to my current predicament. Three months ago my son Jerome was captured while raiding with elements of the 4th Lyran Regulars on the Draconis Combine world of Shionoha . The mistake was not his own and our current intelligence places him in the Vega system awaiting transit to who-knows-where for no doubt further interrogation. I have requested of my superiors that a rescue mission be mounted but they are stalling and my patience wears thin. I have decided to mount my own rescue operation using the forces available to me here on Phalan. I know the majority of the units stationed here are garrison troops who simply aren't trained for this kind of thing but I've run out of options. What they need is a commander who can bring them together and pull them through any such operation. My son, Antony, refuses on the grounds that he actually believes Jerome deserves all that has come to him. My daughter is a diplomat through and through, her military matters are handled by her aide who could not be made available to me. I fear that what was once mere sibling rivalry has escalated into a still childish power struggle. Neither child respects my decision to mount this operation and they realize all too well that with Jerome out of the picture there are fewer obstacles to their own ascension. Kommandant Simonov and I must remain here for I fear that my estranged offspring will soon take a more violent stance on the matter. I know you leave for Galatea in two days time but there will be a second contract waiting here for you should you return with enough haste.
    I need you to rescue my heir for without him my days as ruler of Phalan may be numbered few......"

Gamemaster Note:

Alright, as I have mentioned before the turn emails will now be a little more brief. I want each one to cover the events of only one group or one single person. Where there are several groups or people doing various things throughout the course of a single game day it will now involve several turns. I'm pretty sure this should help to speed up gameplay somewhat as it takes the daunting edge off processing a turn. I will also be providing more information about each turn in the initial blurb. Any points that I feel need clarification will be dealt with in further detail in the main body of the email.... enjoy.

You have just been offered your first contract, please find it attached. It is fully negotiable so there is no harm in suggesting any changes. Obviously the payrate will be low until you get some more combat hardware but anything coming into the coffers is better than nothing.

Turn Seven

Palace Dagger,
Vandergaard Royal Sector,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
1900 Hours, March 9th, 3013

"This is completely unacceptable Colonel!", Duke Ulysses Dagger angrily blurted, slamming his fist down onto the communications console before him killing the transmission. As the Lyran bureaucrats squirmed to find a scapegoat his eldest son was probably rotting in some Kuritan jailhouse. Although the Duke had long harboured ill-feelings at his son's decision to serve in the military and consider his obligations of royal ascension a lower priority these feelings had been all but smashed to pieces following the botched raid that had left Jerome in the hands of the enemy. More time was the excuse he had been fed for far too long now and he quite rightly realised that time would be one thing his son could have precious little of. It now seemed clear that this matter would have to be handled personally.

Gamemaster Note:

Hank Falconridge has compiled the following report on the applying personnel from the 10th Skye Rangers, he implores you that if you can not offer them a standing contract at this stage that you at least offer them refuge within Regent. They are all members of his former command within the 10th Skye Rangers, and have resigned their commission as he has:

Hauptmann Gordon Shalom
Shalom's position was Commander of the unit's Armoured, Scout and Artillery Elements.

Age: 31
Military Enlistment: Cavalry AIT
Sanglamore Academy: OCS, Scout AIT

Areas of Veteran Expertise:
Tactics/Ground, Leadership, Martial Arts/Military, Navigation/Ground, Career/Soldier, Gunnery/Ballistic/Conventional, Gunnery/Laser/Conventional, Gunnery/Missile/Conventional, Career/Soldier.

Areas of Regular Expertise:
Piloting/Wheeled, Piloting/Tracked, Piloting/Hover, Academic/Military History, First Aid, Rifles, Artillery, Sensor Operations, Technician/Mechanics, Strategy, Protocol/Lyran Commonwealth, Training, Pistols, Administration, Tracking, Stealth, Security Systems, Scrounge, Disguise, Communications/Conventional, Blade, Bureaucracy/Lyran Commonwealth, Academic/Lyran Commonwealth History, Academic/ Skye History, Streetwise/Lyran Commonwealth, Interest/Military Music, Perception, Language/German, Language/English.

Hauptmann Hermann Schneider
Schneider's position was Company Commander of the unit's Laser Rifle armed Jump Infantry.

Age: 30
Sanglamore Academy: Infantry AIT, OCS
Nagelring Academy: Special Forces Training

Areas of Veteran Expertise:
Tactics/Infantry, Martial Arts/Military, Leadership, Rifles, Career/Soldier, Submachine Guns.

Areas of Regular Expertise:
Perception, Academic/Military History, Strategy, Jump Packs, Blade, Tactics/Anti-'mech, Demolitions, Free Fall, Stealth, Language/English, Language/German, First Aid, Navigation/Ground, Academic/Lyran Commonwealth History, Protocol/Lyran Commonwealth, Academic/Skye History,Bureaucracy/Lyran Commonwealth, Administration, Pistols, Training, Artillery, Climbing, Communications/Conventional, Support Weapons, Survival, Tracking, Throwing Weapons.

Hauptmann Enzo Giovanni
Giovanni commands the unit's transport element, a Fury class Aerodyne Dropship

Age: 34
Military Academy: AIT: Aerospace Pilot
Thorin Military Academy: AIT: Dropship Pilot Specialist, OCS

Areas of Veteran Expertise:
Piloting/Aero, Tactics/Aero, Zero-G Operations, Piloting/Spheroid, Career/Pilot, Navigation/Space, Gunnery/Ballistic/Aero, Gunnery/Laser/Aero, Gunnery/Missile/Aero, Bombing, Perception, Tactics/Space, Leadership.

Areas of Regular Expertise:
First Aid, Shotguns, Sensor Operations, Navigation/Air, Communications/Conventional, Computers, Strategy, Protocol/Lyran Commonwealth, Navigation/Ground, Rifles, Martial Arts/Military, Administration, Training, Language/German, Language/English, Language/Italian, Technician/Aeronautics, Technician/Fusion, Technician/Interplanetary, Academic/Military History, Seduction, Pistols.

It remains to be seen exactly how much equipment and personnel would also be part of the exodus should you also wish to extend a contract offer that far. It is confirmed that Hauptmann Giovanni would bring his ship, as it his own, along with it's crew. Falconridge estimates that at least 50% of the existing unit personnel could be expected to join in the migration whilst equipment would roughly adhere to the manifest below:

Infantry Small Arms & Equipment:                 0%
4 Condor Heavy Hover Tanks:                     75%
2 Pegasus Scout Hover Tanks:                    100%
2 Hunter Light Support Tanks:                        0%

Hank recalls that MERC did have a number of Hunter Support Tank units available but understands that the 4th Condor would need to be sourced or substituted. He leaves it in your capable hands to reach a decision.... but closes by saying that he knows that these troops are of a very high calibre and would help to form an experienced core for the Phalan Panthers.

Falconridge also adds that Cadet Griffon has already achieved scores that qualify him for the role of cadet platoon sergeant and will be assigned this position accordingly. He expects great things from this young man.

Nathan Greerson has, after a full day of droning interviews, managed to secure personnel to fill 10 mechanical contracts to be taken on board at such a date you deem appropriate. He is, of course, accompanying you to Galatea to continue the process.

Hans Regis has conducted meetings with a number of planetary dignitaries and has been quite successful. A number of lesser nobles have advised they will come back with offers of private funding and/or donation of equipment. You should expect these offers to come in over the coming weeks. Of course the offers may also require a return gesture in the form of protection of the nobles' holdings during planetary assault or likewise but this remains to be seen.

Turn Six

Omega Transit Station,
Vandergaard Merchant Sector,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
1400 Hours, March 8th, 3013

"The settled dust suddenly eddied and swirled into a miniature maelstrom under the blast of the VTOL's roaring turbines. Several sentries nearby raised gloved hands to shield their faces from the billowing cloud. It was to be another typical day at the Omega Transit Station, the constant buzzing of passenger VTOLs an ever present disturbance to the already less than peaceful Merchant Sector. Many such stations dotted the bustling metropolis' various sectors and provided rapid cross-city transport for those willing to pay the extra price. Amongst the rabble of well-to-do merchants and political envoys stepping off the 2 PM flight hovered three individuals in crisp military fatigues. Baron Hans Regis surveyed the frantic environment beyond the Omega Station exit gantry. The Vandergaard Merchant Sector always presented an air of disorganisation to off-worlders, in fact its seemingly random arrangement of roads and walkways provided a stark comparison to the rest of the city. Those more familiar with the pristine and orderly nature of Vandergaard often found themselves at a complete loss when in the busier market area.
    Accompanying the Baron were two of his aides, both appeared to be waiting the assignment to their next errand. Baron Regis' thoughts however had drifted back to the hours before leaving Castle Regis. A brief interview with an intriguing young man had been a welcome relief from the daily rituals. Cadet David Griffon had quickly been identified as an over-achiever with a brilliant mind for small-unit tactics and infantry operations. No doubt in part due to his family history, his own father serving as Senior Drill Instructor with the Castle Security Force. What had sparked the Baron's curiosity was the man's response to the offered commissions. Combat Assignment, plain and simple. Here was a like-minded individual who understood his training was for naught until he proved and practiced it in the field. Hans realised he would have to keep his eye on this one, capable and humble. The man's potential to go far within the Phalan Panthers quite obvious. The muffled cough that emanated from Senior Tech Greerson wrenched Regis' thoughts back to the present."

Gamemaster Note:

The majority of applicants following your advertising campaign have been for the infantry school. Prior to this other nobles had supplied their own recruits. The campaign should provide you with a steady stream of infantry recruits to be used as you see fit. At this stage a few other applicants have come forward, Hank Falconridge will be interviewing these parties in Vandergaard and will provide you with a shortlist as soon as possible.

He also has approached you recently regarding other possible employments he deems as feasible. Upon his joining the Phalan Panthers, Falconridge redirected some copies of the advertising material to officers within his former command. Being a staunchly-loyal Lyran unit the response was somewhat limited. However, those units that were under his direct command have expressed a great deal of interest in joining your ranks. Falconridge advises that these are all veteran troops who have reached a point in their careers where retirement to pursue private careers is most certainly an option. Although a great deal of their equipment is owned by the LCAF, some combat vehicles and gear are owned by individuals and could be brought across. Hank assures you that although not all of the troops would leave the LCAF, the gaps left could be plugged with fresh recruits. This would have the added advantage of them being able to serve alongside seasoned warriors. The unit itself is roughly company sized and serves as a quick-response strike team that specialised in covert ops behind enemy lines, long range recon and the like. Hank explains that the unit was reasonably unique in some respects, being able to air-deliver the heavy tank units it used direct to the combat zone. Unofficially he advises that the dropship captain that performed such air-deliveries is one of the officers interested in applying. The dropship is his own property which is why Hank feels so strongly that entertaining these applications would be worthwhile. It would be unlikely that the dropship captain would leave LCAF service unless the majority of the rest of the unit were leaving too. If you want to pursue this further Hank can organise a dossier on the unit's personnel and the equipment they could bring to the Phalan Panthers.

Passage has successfully been booked for Nathan Greerson to Galatea on the same flights as Hans Regis. Their interstellar movements will now coincide.

Nathan Greerson has arranged his schedule for the next few days (the time prior to off-world departure) as follows:

March 9th: Interviews with Technical/Mechanical Applicants
March 10th: Meeting with Construction Company to secure contract for retrofit of Castle Regis Maintenance facilities

Hans Regis' schedule for the same period is as follows:

March 9th: Meeting with various dignitaries to promote the Phalan Panthers/Protectors.
March 10th: Scheduled meeting with Duke Dagger

Michelle will be working in conjunction with Nathan Greerson whilst also trying to locate a suitable truck design. At this stage the day before departure, March 11th, has been left free on each person's schedule to allow for further follow-up meetings to be arranged if necessary.


Transit Cost from Regent to Vandergaard - 300 CBills
Spacefare to Galatea (Late Booking) - 5,750 CBills

Turn Five

Castle Regis, Regent,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
1700 Hours, March 6th, 3013

Gamemaster Note:

Baron Regis has arranged a C-Card prior to his departure for Galatea. Any purchases he makes with it will be debited from his main account.

Hank Falconridge is now also asking for permission to head over to Vandergaard in order to recruit crew. He believes since it has the largest starport on planet it's most likely to be the place he will be able to locate such individuals. If you approve of this he will depart with Michelle Evans in two days time. His aim is to recruit enough crew for the Saladin Hover Tanks as well as two crew per VTOL. Please advise if this is acceptable.

Hauptmann Falconridge also advises that the infantry you requested to be trained will be done according to the following schedule:

May 1st 3013: Foot Laser Infantry
August 1st 3013: Foot Laser Infantry
November 1st 3013: Motorised SRM Infantry
February 1st 3014: Motorised Rifle Infantry
May 1st 3014: Motorised Rifle Infantry
August 1st 3014: Motorised SRM Infantry

Falconridge has identified a cadet in the May 1st, 3014 class who may be of interest to you, one David Griffon. He has already made excellent progress in his training and is topping the scores for his class. David Griffon's father served your own father as the Castle Security Company's Drill Sergeant.

Nathan Greerson has come to the conclusion that technical personnel on Phalan are going to be hard to come by. Those he feels skilled enough that are on planet are already in the employ of the major units. He strongly feels that it would be best for him to accompany you to Galatea so that he would be able to provide first-hand reviews of any technical staff you find there. He knows from prior experience that it would be the most worthy place to find mercenary technical staff. If this is not suitable then he will begin inviting off-planet applicants but he warns this could bea time-consuming process.

Nathan estimates that a maintenance facility able to maintain 24 combat vehicles and refit 2 at a time, keeping in mind the facility would be expanded at a future date would be roughly 8,000,000 C-Bills. For a further million the facilities within Castle Regis could be modified for soley refitting work yet could still function as a maintenance bay if necessary. He would also like to expres that these are only rough estimates and feels that the final cost of production is likely to be less than expected. The facility could quite easily be located within 5 minutes walking distance of the Castle itself. The two could even be connected via underground tunnels if required but Nathan is unsure as to how these costs would run. Whether the facility would allow for guard posts etc is up to you. Nathan believes a facility of this kind would deserve at least some military presence.

Michelle Evans has made the deposit to MERC for 2,802,800 C-Bills. The machines themselves will be reviewed upon the day of your appointment for registration.

She also recalls that Aldis Industries advised they were unable to provide production for LRM/SRM Carriers but at the same time she is aware of a number of factories belonging to Quikscell Company that could. She also advises they can provide the APC units you also require. As they have no representatives on Phalan she has dispatched HPG transmissions to each of these. She will advise further upon their response.

In conversation with Kommondant Simonov, Evans has secured reimbursement for the units purchases thus far in the order of 125,005 CBills. Further payments will be made when you have purchased more units. She also advises that Duke Dagger requires to meet with you on March 10th, prior to your departure, to discuss certain "matters" with you. One of these matters relates to the fact that all maintenance costs of units assigned to the Phalan Protectors will be covered by your monthly tribute. She has accepted the appointment upon your behalf for the time being.

Turn Four

Castle Regis, Regent,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
0600 Hours, March 3rd, 3013

"Baron Hans von Regis stepped to the edge of the balcony and cast his gaze out over the collection of buildings huddled close by the castle wall. Beyond the weathered rooves lay the vast agricultural farmland his ancestors had lived off for centuries before, bathed a deep red by the rising mass that was the Phalan star. In a little more than a week, Hans would set off to the Mercenary world of Galatea with the intent to forge his own future from the shards of his past. Just what change his actions would bring upon the peaceful farming village of Regent he did not know, but held faith that a new wave of prosperity would hail his choice as the right one. Suddenly distracted by the high-pitched whine of a hovercraft in the outer courtyard, the young Baron wrested his attention from the horizon, and his thoughts, before stepping back inside to review the day's communiques."

Gamemaster Note:

Feasibility of using Mortars will be addressed as soon as possible. From this point forward, transactions that have taken place will be listed in red. Costs listed for your interest only will remain in white.

Regarding the Battlemechs and Aerospace Fighters, Michelle Evans has noted that deposit instructions were listed with the original communique and as a result no further communications will be necessary. MERC requests that a 20% deposit of total purchase price be made in order to secure purchases. This amount is equal to 2,802,800 CBills, with the total amount remaining payable being 11,211,200 C-Bills for purchase and 287,500 C-Bills for shipping from Galatea to Phalan.
Michelle can activate this order upon your word for:
1 LCT-1V Locust
1 BLR-1G Battlemaster
2 SL-17 Shilone Aerospace Fighters

Orders have been place for the following Units:

4 Warrior VTOLs
Production Cost: 1,946,435C-Bills, to be paid upon completion of all 4 units
Shipping Price: 112,800 C-Bills, to be paid on arrival of units to Phalan
Production Time: 3 Months

14 Ferret Light Scout VTOLs, one in Medivac Configuration
Production Cost: 500,021 C-Bills
Shipping Price: 194,400 C-Bills, to be paid on arrival of units to Phalan

4 Saladin Assault Hover Tanks
Production Cost: 3,598,560 C-Bills, to be paid upon completion of all 4 units
Shipping Price: 195,300 C-Bills, to be paid on arrival of units to Phalan
Production Time: 4 Months
Training Staff will be sent to accompany the shipped items.

Michelle is requesting to make transit to Vandergaard in order to review trucks suitable for your purposes first hand. There are several designs that seem appropriate but first-hand inspection will be necessary.

Baron Regis is advised by the Mercenary Evaluation & Review Committee communique that he needs to provide the following information along with himself and a 20,000 CBill registration fee to Galatea in order to establish the Phalan Panthers:

Complete breakdown of Combat Hardware and Organisation
Current Technical Support Percentage (Number of Units vs Techs available)
Current Transportation Percentage (Percentage of Units able to be transported by Panthers)

He has also learned after a brief telephone conversation with Duke Dagger's ADC, Kommandant Yury Simonov, that funding will take the form of reimbursement on any units purchased for the Phalan Protectors. The Kommandant also advises that the Duke has the fullest confidence in your ventures and intends to review funding on a regular basis according with the unit's performance.

Aldis Industries has provided the following prices for their currently producible auxiliary units:

Wheeled APCs: 70,584 C-Bills ea.
Tracked APCs: 60,500 C-Bills ea.
Hover APCs: 84,000 C-Bills ea.
Heavy Wheeled Armoured Signals Wagon: 171,416 C-Bills ea.
Heavy Tracked Armoured Signals Wagon: 187,000 C-Bills ea.
Heavy Hover Armoured Signals Wagon: 243,834 C-Bills ea.

Bowie Industries regrets to inform you that they currently have no available production lines, but wish to provide the following pricing manifest:

CHP-W5 Chippewa: 3,102,275 C-Bills ea.

Nathan Greerson has indicated that a Maintenance facility also geared for retooling and modifications/customisation could be built within Regent for the sum of 10,000,000 CBills and would take roughly 1 year to be completed. The high cost is due to the relatively small population of Regent which will require labour teams to be brought from elsewhere and provided housing etc. Nathan would like to express, however, that these costs are actually only a small margin over the initial costs for construction of the facility of itself. He also concurs that this facility is better to be stand-alone than integrated into the existing Castle maintenance bays as this would complicate their day to day running beyond necessity. The completed facility would be able to maintain/refit up to 1 battalion of armoured vehicles. Castle Regis' existing facilities can currently only provide for little more than a company.

Nathan has also begun the recruitment process for technical staff but would like to request an accurate figure as to the amount of personal required individually for each of the two factions (Phalan Protectors/Panthers). Basically his query relates to the level of support you wish his staff to be able to provide. Full support means he will need to, of course, recruit the required number of Techs for every vehicle/'mech within your unit. He ensures you that despite the his responsibilties to the coordination of the technical staff he will still be able to function as your personal technician, with regards to your own Battlemech, should you so desire it but of course leaves the key decisions of these matters to you.

Hank Falconridge estimates that the Castle Regis Barracks can be reorganised to provide cavalry training by mid-year, but that using his previous experience he could make do with the status quo in the mean-time. This way he can, if committed solely to the task, provide effective cavalry training without interfering with the day to day running of the barracks itself. Once he has your go ahead he will begin the training for VTOL crewmen. He will need to recruit individuals who already have medical training for the Medivac Ferret as he has no prior experience in this area but believes this will be easy to accomplish. He will also begin the selection process for Saladin crew but will only engage them in contract once the units themselves arrive. If these arrangements are not suitable, he will investigate the possibilities of using training facilities within Vandergaard while the Barracks are expanded.

Training at the barracks has to this point been specifically for Rifle Platoons only. Hank will arrange for the next intake to be trained for airmobile operations and be armed with laser rifles. He inquires how many intakes you wish to be trained in this fashion.

Featured Units:

Heavy Wheeled Armoured Signals Wagon
Heavy Tracked Armoured Signals Wagon
Heavy Hover Armoured Signals Wagon

Turn Three

Castle Regis, Regent,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
1500 Hours, February 29th, 3013

Gamemaster Note:

Again, sorry for the slow reply. From now on I will give the turn emails priority over normal communication to ensure that they arrive more suitably. All errors in previous Turn 3 email have now been accounted for.

Michelle Evans has booked tickets for Hans Regis to the mercenary world of Galatea for a total price of 4750 C-Bills. Open-ended accomodation for one has also been booked at 200 C-Bills per night. The flight leaves at 0600 Hours, March 12th is scheduled to arrive on Galatea at 1700 Hours, April 15th. An appointment with the Mercenary Evaluation and Review Committee has been set for April 20th to allow for discrepencies in the flight schedule.

Further review of the following items for sale through MERC has been prepared:

LCT-1V Locust
This mech has moderate damage to its armour and internal structure but has suffered no loss of internal systems.
Unit Price: 1,645,000 C-Bills
Shipping Price: 50,000 C-Bills

BLR-1G Battlemaster
This mech has suffered extensive damage to armour and minor damage to internal systems including the loss of its left leg. The detached leg is, however,in servicable condition.
Unit Price: 7,859,000 C-Bills
Shipping Price: 125,000 C-Bills

3 Hunter Light Support Tanks
These vehicles have suffered only minor armour damage.
Unit Price: 1,284,166 C-Bills ea.
Shipping Price: 25,000 C-Bills ea.

2 SL-17 Shilone Aerospace Fighters
These fighters are in mint condition.
Unit Price: 2,255,000 C-Bills ea.
Shipping Price: 56,250 C-Bills ea.

Production runs for the following units have been calculated as follows:


4 Warrior VTOLs: 1,946,435C-Bills
Shipping Price: 112,800 C-Bills
Production Time: 3 Months

8 Warrior VTOLs: 3,730,666C-Bills
Shipping Price: 225,600 C-Bills
Production Time: 6 Months

12 Warrior VTOLs: 5,352,695C-Bills
Shipping Price: 338,400 C-Bills
Production Time: 9 Months

16 Warrior VTOLs: 6,812,521 C-Bills
Shipping Price: 451,200 C-Bills
Production Time: 1 Year

Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion:

2 Ferret VTOLs: 82,230 C-Bills
Shipping Price: 28,200 C-Bills
Production Time: Order can be provided for with current stocks

8 Ferret VTOLs: 308,781 C-Bills
Shipping Price: 112,800
Production Time: Order can be provided for with current stocks

12 Ferret VTOLs: 443,034 C-Bills
Shipping Price: 169,200 C-Bills
Production Time: Order can be provided for with current stocks

16 Ferret VTOLs: 563,861 C-Bills
Shipping Price: 225,600 C-Bills
Production Time: 1 Month

Defiance Industries:

2 Hover APCs: 152,880 C-Bills
Shipping Price: 28,200 C-Bills

2 Tracked APCs: 118,580 C-Bills
Shipping Price: 28,200 C-Bills

New Earth Trading Company:

4 Karnov Transports: 1,747,200 C-Bills
Shipping Price: 112,800 C-Bills
Production Time: 1 Year

The cargo capacity of Karnov UR is 6 tons.

Scarborough, Ltd:

2 Scimitar Medium Hover Tanks: 1,476,909 C-Bills
Shipping Price: Free Delivery
Production Time: 2 Months

4 Scimitar Medium Hover Tanks: 2,893,536 C-Bills
Shipping Price: Free Delivery
Production Time: 4 Months

2 Saladin Assault Hover Tanks: 1,836,765 C-Bills
Shipping Price: Free Delivery
Production Time: 2 Months

4 Saladin Assault Hover Tanks: 3,598,560 C-Bills
Shipping Price: Free Delivery
Production Time: 4 Months

Scarbourough, Ltd will provide full crew training for the Saladin Hover Tanks. An envoy team will be dispatched at your convenience to provide the training.

Conventry Defense Conglomerate:

COM-2D Commando: 1,891,250 C-Bills ea.
Shipping Price: 134,300 C-Bills ea.
3 Units are currently available for purchase

Bowie Industries:

We currently produce the CHP-W5 Chippewa Heavy Aerospace Fighter. For pricing please contact our offices at your leisure.

Aldis Industries:

Here is a list of our manufactured units:
Demolisher Heavy Tank
Schrek PPC Carrier
Behemoth Heavy Tank
LRM/SRM Carriers
Armoured Personnel Carriers
Armoured Signals Wagons

Unfortunately, Michelle Evans has been unable so far to locate a supplier for Bulldog Medium Tanks. If you wish her to continue to search, please advise for Turn 3.

The cost of purchasing enough stock to control TransPhalan Enterprises will be 2,000,000 C-Bills, Nathan Greerson advises that the facilities could be upgraded to suit your
purposes for a further 3,000,000.

Baron von Regis has learned from LCAF command that he will need to provide a manifest of Combat Equipment available in order to secure a contract. Funding for Phalan Protectors will be 25% covered by Duke Ulysses Dagger.

Hank Falconridge reports that the existing facilities within Castle Regis could be upgraded to provide cavalry training for a cost of 2,000,000 C-Bills.

Other facilties within Castle Regis will be provided on the website at a future date.


Spacefare to Galatea: 4750 C-Bills

Turn Two

Castle Regis, Regent,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
1100 Hours February 17th, 3013

Gamemaster Note:

Since these were all mere communiques I have simply processed them all as postdated activities prior to the opening turn, in the future I will need you to specify the individual undertaking the particular task so that I can gauge how long it will take based on the individual's abilities and skills. Obviously this will mean that as the game progresses you will find that a larger and more experienced Administrations Staff will have noticable benefits over a single Quartermaster.

The Mercenary Evaluation and Review Committee (MERC)
has sent you the following response:

"Baron Hans von Regis,

    MERC would like to extend you a hand of welcome in view of your decision to register for Mercenary status through our office. At this time please note that either the presence of yourself, or an aide-de-camp will be needed to fulfill the necessary requirements for the completion of your registration. Please contact us at your leisure to arrange for an appointment. Regarding your second inquiry we have managed to collate the following references to combat hardware currently available for sale on Galatea. This hardware has all been acquired from recently liquidated and disbanded Mercernary Units and as a result we must advise you that no listed unit is below 50% operational capacity. Manifests of disabled units for sale can be provided upon request. Price and mechanical review for any unit will also be made available by appointment or request.

Current Manifest:

Various Small Arms & Gear to equip 7 Platoons

5 10 Ton Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carriers
3 10 Ton Tracked Armoured Personnel Carriers
1 20 Ton Skulker Wheeled Scout Tank
3 35 Ton Hunter Light Support Tanks
2 100 Ton Behemoth Heavy Tanks

1 20 Ton LCT-1V Locust
1 55 Ton GRF-1N Griffin
1 85 Ton BLR-1G Battlemaster

3 25 Ton TR-7 Thrush
2 65 Ton SL-17 Shilone
2 80 Ton SL-15 Slayer

For private advertising we recommend you make a presence upon Galatea. As we recieve many orders please understand that by the time this communication reaches you one or more units may already have been sold.

We thank you for you enquiries,

Mercenary Evaluation and Review Committee

The Offices of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces has sent
you the following response:

"Baron Hans von Regis,
    The Lyran Commonwealth High Command would make it known that in return for military services upon the border world of Phalan, located within the Tamar Theatre, an extended garrison contract can be arranged. Payment will be made monthly based on the amount of hardware committed to garrison of Phalan within said month. If you do not wish to entertain such an arrangement at this time we will view your army as private and in event of planetary catastrophe confined to your own personal holdings.
    House Steiner will fund planetary militias for a selected noble of power on any given world. As Phalan is governed by no less than 5 Barons, your Liege-Lord is Duke Ullyses Dagger of Phalan. He is the most suitable contact with regards to your own personal funding.

LCAF Command,
Ryde Theatre."

Michelle Evans has managed to begin a planet wide advertising campaign for the initial cost of 120,000 C-Bills. Initial response has been very good and you can expect to see some immigration to your sphere of protection in the near future. Citizens are hailing your ideas as fresh change and are excited about the prospects. Monthly Costs will be 12,000 C-Bills for a period of one year.

Hank Falconridge has been devoting his time towards the formation of a cavalry and infantry academy. There are currently facilities within Castle Regis for the training of infantry. This is the Castle Regis Infantry Barracks. The barracks has a successful history and is regarded as perhaps the best facility of its kind on the planet. Hauptmann Falconridge feels that these facilities could quite easily be expanded to provide excellent cavalry training. At this stage no cost estimation has been made but the Hauptmann feels confident that given more time he could provide one.

A manufacturer of containers has been located that will be suitable for your cause, in order to get a quote it will be necessary for you to make an appointment. The company is TransPhalan Enterprises. As of yet you have been unable to locate a company that will be able to convert the containers, it will most likely be necessary for you to source these facilities off-planet, or fund them yourselves.

The following companies have sent responses:

Archenar Battlemechs:
Sorry, currently no mechs available.

Bowie Industries:
Sorry, we currently do not manufacture any mech units but rather concentrate on the production of Heavy Aerospace Fighters. If you are interested further please contact us.

Corean Enterprises:
Sorry, currently no mechs available.

Conventry Defense Conglomerate:
We are happy to report that we currently have a number of COM-2D Commando for sale. Please advise further of your interest.

Defiance Industries:
Sorry, currently no mechs available. We do however have some Armoured Personnel Carriers and Signals Wagons currently for sale. Please contact us if interested further.

Kallon Industries:
Sorry, currently no mechs available.

Red Devil Industries:
Sorry, we currently do not manufacture any mech units but rather concentrate on the production of Heavy Hover Tanks. If you are interested further please contact us.

We can offer a limited production run of no less than 4 Warrior VTOLs with production being completed within 3 months time.

Lycomb IntroTechnologies Incorporated:
Sorry, we currently have no Aerospace Fighters Available.

Wangker Aerospace:
Sorry, we currently have no Aerospace Fighters Available.

Aldis Industries:
We can offer a limited production run of no less than 12 Demolisher Heavy Tanks with production being completed within 2 years time. We can also provide a number of other combat units, please request a catalog if you are interested further.

Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion:
We are happy to report that we currently have a number of Ferret Light Scout VTOLs for sale. Please advise further of your interest.

New Earth Trading Company:
We can offer a limited production run of no less than 4 Karnov UR Transports with production being completed within 1 years time.

Quikscell Company:
We can offer a limited production run of no less than 12 Scorpion Light Tanks with production being completed within 1 years time.

Earthwerks, Incorporated:
Sorry, currently no mechs available.

Free Worlds Defense Industries:
Sorry, we currently have no Aerospace Fighters Available.

Irian BattleMechs Unlimited:
We are happy to report that we currently have a number of HER-2S Hermes II for sale. Please advise further of your interest.

KaliYama Weapons Industries:
Sorry, currently no mechs available.

Scarborough, Ltd:
We can offer limited production runs of any of our hovertank designs. Variable production amounts accepted. Rapid construction guaranteed. Please contact us further upon interest.


Advertising Campaign 120,000 C-Bills
One Months Salary (postdated) 6,000 C-Bills

Turn One

Outside Castle Regis Infantry Barracks,
Castle Regis, Regent,
Phalan, Ryde Theatre,
Tamar Pact, Lyran Commonwealth,
February 17th, 3013

The sleek black sports car barrelled down Archon Terrace, engine screaming, billowing clouds of dust and debris in its wake. As the driver slowly shifted down through the gears, the hovercar slid to a gentle stop before the gates to Castle Regis. Following a brief conversation with the Guards posted on gatehouse duty, David Griffon gunned the engine forward and carefully piloted the Unicorn towards the underground carpark. David now took a moment to look more closely at his new home.
    The towering walls of Castle Regis, home for many generations to the House Regis. The late Baron von Regis had recently passed away, now replaced by his eldest son Hans. Somewhat of a hero himself, the newly appointed Baron had quite an illustrious past with the 10th Lyran Guards before the loss of his foot. Rumour was about that Baron Hans Regis was back to full health and looking to found a new Mercenary unit operating from the Castle. Somewhat a fan of the Baron's career, David was excited about the chance to serve under such a man.
    Following in his father's footsteps, he had applied for and been accepted into the Infantry Training Barracks to learn the harsh rules of warfare.

Gamemaster Note:

Your recently formed staff is now prepared to recieve your orders
regarding the formation of your proposed mercenary unit.

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